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More Popular Tourist Attraction in Chennai

More Popular Tourist Attraction in Chennai

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The Chennai is known to be a hot place not only because of its temperature but also the great places to visit. There are a range of great tourist attractions in Chennai that you will undoubtedly feel great to visit any time of the year.

Crocodile Bank

Image Credits: Adam63

The Crocodile Bank is a crocodile research and breeding center, located 40 km from Madras. The Crocodile Bank is open for tourist every day except Tuesdays. The bank was first created to protect the Indian crocodiles and breed them. More than 6000 crocodiles have been produced and saved by the Crocodile Bank. In other words, this is a place where Indian crocodiles are preserved and that is why you can expect to see thousands of different kinds of crocodiles in here. If you love animals then you will surely love Crocodile Bank as there are no other places where you can see as many breeds of crocodiles as here. The Crocodile Bank has a snake park too where you can visit to see different types of snakes and experience how anti venom is produced. Children will surely enjoy this place and learn a lot too. The place is open 6 hours a day for tourists. Read the rest of this entry