More Popular Tourist attraction in Bangalore

More Popular Tourist attraction in Bangalore

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TheBangaloreis a city which is keeping the balance of modern lives and the great historical culture. The city has developed into a dream world for the IT industry but it has also preserved the art and culture of the city very well. You can surely enjoy the great tourist attractions here.


Attara Kacheri (Karnataka High Court) and Surroundings

Image Credits: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

The Attara Kacheri or high court ofBangaloreis one of the most historical places in there. The building was created by Tipu Sultan at 1867. This is one of the most famous tourist spots and it’s known for the architectural beauty. The entire building is designed in gothic style and it’s of red color. The area surrounding this Attara Kacheri makes it even more famous as there are great libraries and museums near it which are beautiful and you must visit them too when you visit Attara Kacheri. The state library is of the red color and it has a remarkable design of stone and pillars. If you like museums then you must visit the government museum near Attara Kacheri which has a collection of great historical items. From old paintings to coins and sculptures, you can find everything in this beautiful museum. You can visit these three places in one trip.


Crazy Waters Amusement Park

Located inBannerghatta Main Road, theCrazyWatersAmusement Parkis one of the most enjoyable places inBangalorefor sure. With great water amusements, you can have a splashing day with your friends or family. The heart of this park is the water slides which can be seen all over the park. No matter what your age is, theCrazyWatersAmusement Parkwill provide you with loads of entertainments and excitements for sure. The slides are strong and smooth. You can surely feel the speed when you slide on them and jump on the water. Different water rides and water sports are available in there which everyone can enjoy with complete safety. You have to buy tickets to enter theCrazyWatersAmusement Parkand then rent swimming costumes. TheCrazyWatersAmusement Parkremains open from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and till 7 pm on weekends.


Saint Mary’s Basilica

Image Credits: Official Website

The Saint Mary’s Basilica is located in the Shivaji nagar ofBangalore. This is one of the oldestBangalorechurches and it was first built at 1818. However, it was a smaller church then which started to get its modern look from 1882. The Saint Mary’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful places inBangaloreand it has a gothic architectural design which is large and beautiful. The building has beautiful interior and exterior. The walls are crafted and decorated with stained glass windows. The Saint Mary’s Basilica is really a very calm place and you will surely feel spirituality once you enter the church. The church is decorated with beautiful sculptures and paintings which make it even more gorgeous. People gather here for the blessings of Saint Mary and celebrate different occasions with festivals around the church. You will surely have unforgettable times in the Saint Mary’s Basilica.

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